Green Power is energy generated from renewable sources: methane, solar, and wind.
Windy Energy

Santee Cooper is also exploring applications for smaller wind turbines on shore, and in November 2010, Santee Cooper made South Carolina history as the first utility to install a wind turbine and connect it to the grid. The 2.4-kW Skystream wind turbine, located oceanfront in North Myrtle Beach, produces about 500 kWh of electricity per month in optimal conditions.

There are no offshore wind installations in the southeastern United States, and so there are many challenges still to resolve. Santee Cooper is also part of initiatives now evaluating permitting needs and identifying transmission issues.

However, Santee Cooper continues to monitor the development of the offshore wind industry on the east coast and participate with other stake holders to share information and study wind resources. Also, we continue to encourage a collaborative effort among utilities to investigate data collection opportunities and provide support to Coastal Carolina University on a project utilizing SODAR to collect additional wind data along the North Myrtle Beach coast.