Commercial supporters of renewable power and protection for our environment.
SCGreenpower is Good for Business

Green Power Partner

Now, more than ever, people are talking about renewable energy, such as methane, solar and even wind power. And increasingly, your customers want to do business with "green" companies that are committed to reducing their impact on the environment. We all share a vested interest in the protection of our environment for ourselves and for future generations. By purchasing Green Power, you are helping to improve the environment in the community you serve.


  • Recognition in quarterly Green Power newsletter.
  • Company logo and link on the South Carolina Green Power website,
  • Use of the Green Power logo to promote your business as a Green Power Partner.

    For additional benefits contact your local cooperative.

Green Power Legacy Partner

Your business can make an even stronger statement by becoming a Green Power Legacy Partner. Green Power Legacy Partners demonstrate a substantial commitment by purchasing a greater portion of their energy as Green Power. Green Power Legacy Partners exemplify dedication to renewable energy and to making a difference for future generations.

Green Power Legacy Partners may also be eligible to become EPA Green Power Partners. Benefits include communication support in the form of a partner certificate, use of the EPA Green Power mark in communications materials, a listing on the EPA Green Power Partnership website, posters, banners and other signage, and the opportunity to participate in the Green Power Leadership Club and Leadership Awards. For more information, visit