Commercial supporters of renewable power and protection for our environment.
Legacy Partners

Businesses who go above and beyond by purchasing a greater portion of their energy as Green Power, exemplifying a true dedication to renewable energy and making a difference for future generations.


Be Green Packaging - Green Power Legacy Partner

Be Green Packaging  

Ridgeland, S.C.


Located in Ridgeland, the 9-year-old, California-headquartered business in one of the global leaders in sustainable packaging production, including designing, manufacturing, and distributing tree-free compostable packaging for the food and consumer industries. "The choice to commit to renewable energy in South Carolina was not necessarily a conscious or thoughtful decision. It's what we do, who we are, and how we think. It just makes sense for us." Eva Van Wingerden, Director of ECO Social Initiatives


Carolina Plantation Rice - Green Power Legacy Partner

Carolina Plantation Rice  

Darlington, S.C.


Carolina Plantation Rice is not only a Green Power Legacy Partner, but qualifies for product labeling with the Green-e logo and is recognized Nationally as an EPA Green Power Partner. The Green-e logo certifies that a company purchases at least 50 percent of its total electricity
with renewable energy. 

Carolina Plantation Rice is the first product to earn Green-e certification in South Carolina. With Green-e certification,  customers have the independent assurance that their Green Power purchase supports generation from renewable resources that meet strict consumer and environmental protection standards. The Green-e logo is a nationally recognized symbol to help consumers identify environmentally superior renewable energy offerings. 


Clemson University - Green Power Legacy Partner

Clemson University  

Clemson, S.C.


Located in Clemson, The University purchases its Green Power blocks with funds made available through savings generated by energy-efficient technologies employed throughout the upstate campus.The Director of Utility Services at Clemson commented, "This purchase is only one component of Clemson’s commitment to promote, demonstrate and explore environmental sustainability for our state." 

Clemson University, Ravenel District is also an EPA Green Power Partner.


O'Dell Corp - Green Power Legacy Partner O'Dell Corp

Located in Ware Shoals, the 65 year-old cleaning products manufacturer has a reputation as a green champion.As is often the case these days, the firm was pushed toward greenness by the younger generation. "A Green Power sticker caught my son’s eye in a Charleston store, he suggested that we start using Green Power at O’Dell," says proud papa and company president John Stroud. 

O’Dell Corporation is also an EPA Green Power Partner.

Professional Printers - Green Power Legacy Partner

Professional Printers  

West Columbia, S.C.


Located in West Columbia, S.C., this print shop has been embracing conservation for years by recycling, encouraging clients to consider recycled paper stock and using vegetable-based inks for printing.  “Sustainability is a journey, a long-term commitment.  Even small steps have greater balance with Green Power.”  Jess MacCallum, President, Professional Printers